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Jordi Compte

Jordi Compte

My research is focussed in the ecology of aquatic communities in Mediterranean lagoons and salt marshes. I am interesting in the study of the food webs in Mediterranean coastal lagoons, specifically in the intraspecific competence and predation in these systems (top down control). I have carried up filed experiments with microcosms and mesocosms.

I am also interesting in Mediterranean temporary ponds. In this topic, I study specifically the diversity of macrofauna (macroinvertebrates and amphibians) and their temporal succession. Furthermore, I have performed studies about diel migrations of zooplankton in Mediterranean temporary ponds.

I am also involved in a project for the restoration of Mediterranean salt marshes. The aim of these projects is to carry out a restoration of saltmarsh affected by building works for a residential estate. In this project, my objective is to check the effects of restauration on the aquatic community of the salt marsh.


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Studied Ecosystems

Studied Ecosystems


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