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Dani Boix

Dani Boix

The research I developed is focussed on the ecology of aquatic communities in Mediterranean temporary ponds. I mainly study the biotic and abiotic factors affecting species composition and community structure in these ecosystems, where changes in water turnover and hydroperiod length are strongly affected by Mediterranean climate.

Food webs dynamics of shallow waters are another of the topics of my research. I am also interested on the measurement of the biodiversity and the study of the local, regional and global factors which determine it.

I am also involved in some applied projects for the restoration of Mediterranean wetlands and ponds. The aim of these projects is to recover water ecosystems in areas where they have disappeared in order to improve the populations of aquatic species, mainly threatened ones such as amphibians.


How to measure the size diversity

Studied Ecosystems

Studied Ecosystems


Institute of Aquatic Ecology
Faculty of Sciences
University of Girona
Campus Montilivi
E-17071 Girona

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